Thank You All!

A huge Thank you to all of our clients from the time we started. Without you all we would not be able to grow.

It has been an awesome last 7 months of learning how to keep moving forward.

We hope you continue to visit us at both locations.

Hours and scheduling as well as all info regarding both locations will be up on Thursday.

Session lengths will be altered August 1st as well. Anyone who has an outstanding voucher of any sort will be honored with the session length designated on their voucher.

Services over 45 minutes in length can only be used at the Pauline Location

Please dont hesitate to email with any questions.


About Couples Groupon

Thank you for being patient during our transition.

We are able to do couples now on a limited basis. Our schedule is up thorough near the end of July.

When the transition was made we put fine print on our Groupons stating that Groupons could only be used for couples for the 45 minute session.

If your Groupon does NOT state at the bottom of the fine print “Services for two people at the same time are available for the 45 minute service only” then you are still eligible to receive a couples 60 minute service.

Please email us and let us know you would like to set this up.

If you would like to schedule for a 45 minute couples and you cannot find anything, please email us as well and we will try to find a good time. We are usually booked about a week out

Your Mama

We are now scheduling for Mother’s Day Weekend.

This is a gonna be one busy weekend, don’t miss out.

Get that Old Lady a gift certificate or bring her in.

We are doing a special that weekend only 2 people for 60 Minutes for $50. Bring your mom, your baby mama, your friend who is a mama.

*We are located down stairs so keep that in mind with who you bring. Also, we do welcome kids as long as they can be quiet during the session as we have other sessions going on in other rooms*

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Assisted stretching with acupressure

These classes are beginner friendly. They are assisted and Thai Based. Assistance by the instructor as well as with bolsters, blankets, bricks, pillows, and straps. Students are guided into poses mostly seated or lying down and propped. Propping is adjusted based on the limitations of the student. The instructor will assist each student with going further into the pose or applying compressions to help open up blocked energy.  Classes may include breathing and meditation and some unassisted asanas. Each class focuses on a different area of the body and rotate weekly so if you are only able to make it to one weekly class, it will be different each time through the month. If you have a specific injury you would like to work on, please email instructor to find out which class or classes would be best.


Metta Restore: Legs, Hips, & Feet

Metta Restore: Arms, Chest, & Shoulders

Metta Restore: Low backs and Bellies (contraindications for this class include pregnancy, menstruation, eating within 2 hours)

Metta Restore: Shoulders, Neck, & Spine


First class free

Drop in: $11

5 classes: $50

10 classes: $90


Online scheduling