Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment? The easiest way to book is by selecting any option that says Groupon/LS. It will show you all availability in real time, and as soon as your book your appointment, it is confirmed. You will also receive a confirmation email with your appointment information within 5 minutes. Click here to book

How does Groupon work? Groupon is an advertisement option businesses can use. We discount our prices on Groupon and then we get a payment from Groupon that is half of what the customer pays. Therefore in the end we get 25% of our regular cost. Because of this I balance my return clients and groupon clients to maintain and equal balance in my income. I accept only so many groupon vouchers per day.

Fine Print: Please pay close attention to the fine print. It includes some policies and procedures.

Are you really that booked up? At times, yes. Typically when vouchers are expiring I get overbooked. I also only book about 2-4 weeks out. If you need something further out because of your schedule please email me. Otherwise, please check back.

What if there are no dates available by my expiration date? The promotional value of the Groupon will be honored, as long as your massage is scheduled by the expiration date, even if your actual appointment time may fall on a later date. For example: If your Groupon expires 10/31 and the next available appointment time is 11/5. As long as you schedule the massage appointment by 10/31, your Groupon will be honored on the 11/5 date.

Can my friend and I get massages at the same time? Not at this time. Arrangements can be made for yourself and your friend/family member/spouse to be massaged one after the other, with a break in between. While one person is being worked on, the other can relax in the waiting room and read a book.


Thank you again and have a great day!  Please feel free to contact me with any questions