Cell Phone & Talking

In honoring everyone’s experience here at Peace, Love, & Happy Feet, we ask that when you are attending your massage your cellphone or other electronic device will be on silent or turned off and that talking be at a lower volume to guarantee your relaxation as well as the relaxation of other guests.

Peace, Love, & Happy Feet Cancellation Policy:

We require that our customers give a minimum of 12 hours notice to cancel or reschedule a weekday appointment, 48 hours hours for a weekend appointments . Cancellations without these notices will incur full charge of reserved services.  In some cases, we can change an appointment time within the next two days, only if a customer cannot give notice within the aforementioned time limits. Credit Cards and Cash are accepted. All appointments will require a credit card number with a 50% deposit to guarantee time of booking.  A cancellation fee is the full service of price if cancellation does not meet time requirements listed above. Groupons will be redeemed on a no-show. A $15 reschedule fee can be added for no show on groupon.

Late Policy:

If a customer is late they will pay the full price of their service but the service time will not be extended.

Check In:

We ask that you please come in five to ten minutes prior to your appointment time so that you can fill out your personal health intake forms. This allows you to enjoy every minute of your treatment with us.

Important Health Notice:

Any persons with any of the following conditions:  diabetes, nervous system or cardiovascular disorders, skin conditions, or cancers that may affect the sensation, circulation, or health in the feet may need a specialist’s release before our services can be provided.  If you neglect to inform us of such conditions, you do so at your own risk.

Gratuity and Payment:

Gratuity is not included in the price of any of our treatments.  We accept all major credit cards and cash.  All sales are final, no exchanges or refunds are allowed.