Depositphotos_36121403_originalThe Experience Foot treatment 

Our signature foot treatment includes a warm up of the foot, ankle stretches, steamed towel and menthol balm, lower leg energy points, light or deep reflexology points applied with the wooden Thai Stick, and closing with moisturizing foot treatment and dry towel wrap.

25 minutes:$25   40 Minutes: $40

Full Body Thai Energy & reflexology Bodywork

This treatment is mostly focused on firm acupressure pressure and vigorous energy lines work as well as some assisted stretches.

60 Minutes $60


Thai Bodywork tune-up 

15 minutes of Thai Bodywork to help a specific area of tension, tightness, or soreness.

15 Minutes $15

The Experience Foot Treatment with Thai Herbal Steamed Compress

The Experience Foot Treatment with the addition of Thai Herbal Steamed Compress

40 Minute: $45

stone-300x239The Experience Foot treatment with Hot Stones

40 Minutes: $45

Thai Abdominal Energy Treatment with Steamed Herbal Compress

This treatment consists of a warming up of the abdominal region with steamed herbal compress. From there herbal balm, coconut oil is applied and multiple techniques used to perform this treatment fully. The first treatment is very gentle to gain awareness of what needs more attention and where blockages may occur.  Subsequent treatments are more focused towards those blockages and could be at a deeper pressure. Mostly used for problems like emotional blockage, detoxing, digestion, energy blockage, and for specific female organ problems. Learn More here

$65 first treatment.  Discounts of up to 60% for multiple close recurring treatments (recommended)

Contraindications apply: Surgeries, cancer, pregnancy, unexplained severe recurring stomach pain. Please email Kelli for more information

Depositphotos_5444623_xsSeasonal Foot Scrub Treatment

This is the ultimate in Foot pampering. Foot soak in salt bath while getting a hand massage, Foot Scrub with herbs and ingredients involved with the seasons, and ending with a foot rub and moisturizing treatment.

45 Minutes :$45
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