I am Kelli. I am a former Licensed Massage Therapist who has since departed the world of table massage to focus on what I truly love: Thai Bodywork.

I originally trained at Ann Arbor Institute Of Massage Therapy. I have certifications in many modalities from Myofascial to Hot Stone. I have worked in all types of places. The high end spa, the rushed airport spa, the medical massage clinic, the franchise massage places. In 2009 a couple years after graduation I injured my wrist from bad body mechanics as well as too much video game playing.

I took a break from my massage job to heal and decided one day to go to Thailand to learn Thai Massage. I left the following week after never having a Thai Massage but being a lifelong fan of stretching and yoga helping bodies.

I spent a couple weeks there immersed in training. On the last day I broke my foot, thankfully I was finished with my training. Upon arrival home I practiced and practiced, once my foot healed which was in a whopping 2 weeks due to some amazing herbs! More on that another time. Anyway I began seeing the public 2 months later once I felt comfortable.

While in Thailand I received many massages. My favorites were from the blind therapists who do the Southern Style. I love the Southern Style. Since I was in the North I was learning and receiving the Northern style which incorporates a lot of stretching. Before I left for Thailand I had that wrist issue as well as some serious muscular imbalances from having 2 kids. I was very flexible in certain ways and others not so much. Once I returned from Thailand I was balanced. I was able to receive full, well rounded treatments on my entire body that corrected the imbalances.

Not only that but once I returned and began working I was counter-acting the imbalance that table massage was doing because I was hovering over my clients all day. Much like what dentists, hairdressers, computer workers suffer from. Doing Thai Massage mixed my work day up. And my clients LOVED it